Privacy Policy

Private Policy

Date 22nd April, 2019



We operators of the platform take the whole responsible and respect the right of your privacy and no any circumstance would we take it less seriously. In this section of The Private Policy, we elaborate how your information is collected, how it is used, how it is shared via our platform with no limit to only platform but also third parties’ website via API. However, The Private Policy elaborated in this page is only applied to service or activated that are conducted on our platform only. Please review the privacy policies posted on those other online areas to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information.


In this cookie may also been used on the platform as well for the purpose of improving your experience on our platform service, as well as suggesting or displaying ads or offers that are more suitable to your interest, and purpose.


We strongly recommend that you read this Privacy Policy in full to ensure you are completely informed. If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, then please contact us through information found in the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of this policy.

Use of The Services


In order to access certain features of the Services, you will need to become an Account Holder by creating an account. When you create an account, you must provide complete and accurate information. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account, including your interaction and communication with others, and you must safeguard your account. Towards this end, if you are an Account Holder, you agree to keep your contact information up to date.  


If you are creating an account on our platform for commercial purposes and are accepting this Agreement on behalf of a company, organization, or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so and have the authority to bind such entity to this Agreement, in which case the words “you” and “your” as used in this Agreement shall refer to such entity and the individual acting on behalf of the company shall be referred to as a “Business Representative.”


If you are an Account Holder, you will safeguard your account information and will supervise and be completely responsible for any use of your account by anyone other than you.


By using the Services, including any products or services that facilitate the sharing of Content to or from third party sites, you understand that you are solely responsible for any information that you share with tus. You may access the Services solely as intended through the provided functionality of the Services and as permitted under this Agreement.


Copying, transmission, reproduction, replication, posting or redistribution of (a) Content or any portion thereof and/or (b) the Services more generally is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission from us. To request permission, please direct your request to our customer support team via contact information on our platform.


Through your use of the Services you may encounter links to third party sites and apps or be able to interact with third party sites and apps. This may include the ability to share Content from the Services, including your Content, with such third-party sites and apps. Please be aware that third party sites and apps may publicly display such shared Content. Such third parties may charge a fee for use of certain content or services provided on or by way of their websites. Therefore, you should make whatever investigation you feel is necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any transaction with any third party to determine whether a charge will be incurred. Where we may provide details of fees or charges for such third-party content or services, such information is provided for convenience and information purposes only. Any interactions with third party sites and apps are at your own risk. You expressly acknowledge and agree that we are in no way responsible or liable for any such third-party sites or apps.


Some Content you see or otherwise access on or through the Services is used for both information sharing and commercial purposes. You agree and understand that we may place promotions on the Services alongside, near, adjacent, or otherwise in close proximity to your Content (including, for video or other dynamic content, before, during or after its presentation), as well as the Content of others.


Type of Personal Information We Collect and Why


The general information we may collect and store through your activities and engagement with our platform are falls into the following categories:

 Information that You Provide Directly

This information includes with not limited to the information that we request you to provide us directly on our platform such as contact details of your full name, telephone, email address, date of birth, passport ID, flight number which generally serve for the purpose of making your reservation process successful. This also takes part in creating your own personal account on our platform as well which when creating an account, you will provide a login name/member ID as well as a password. Besides, it also serves as your emergency contact number, marketing purpose such as new promotion, loyalty program, product and service suggestion, and more.


You will also need to provide your billing information (such as credit card number, cardholder name and expiration date) to make a payment since all transaction related on activities on our platform will be facilitated by us.


Additionally, we may also require some information related to your travel plan as well including your flight number, date of your arrival, your interest in traveling, travel purpose, style, preferences which will be generally used as only to provide the most suitable services for you only.  However, you can choose not to provide this information to us, still some of the information may be demanded in order to complete your reservation process


Upson the end of your service with Tour Guide, you may be able to directly submit review on the service you experienced which may display your name and comment on our platform. You can also provide us with feedback or ask for help with using the Sites or our various communications platforms.


Information that We Collect Automatically


Once you engage on our platform, we may collect some information automatically from your device. Specifically, the information we collect automatically may include, but is not limited to, information like your IP address, device type, unique device identification numbers, browser-type (such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer), your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your operating system and carrier. For website users, details of any referring website or exit pages as well as broad geographic location (e.g., country or city-level location) may also be collected. We may also collect other technical information such as how your device has interacted with our Online Services, including the pages accessed and links clicked, for example, trips viewed and the time and date of these.


The preference and information we collect automatically may help us have better understand about our visitors such as where they come from, and what content on ours is of interest to them. We use this information for our internal analytics purposes and to improve the quality and relevance of our service for our visitors, for example, to customize your user experience, tailor your searches and show you advertisements that may be of interest. We may also use this automatic information to prevent and detect fraud. However, some of this information may be collected using cookies and similar tracking technology.


Information we collect when you use Apps


When you use one of your smart phone app, tablet app, or applications for other platforms (collectively “App” or “Apps” as applicable), we may also collect which is similar as you use our service on our website as well. Additionally, we make collect more for when you use our mobile application for example:

  • Information about the functionality of the Apps you access and use. This allows us to identify those areas of the Apps that are of interest to our customers so that we can refine and continuously improve the Apps.

  • Your device’s unique device identifier (“UID”). Each App sends us the device's UID, a sequence of numbers or characters that are unique to your device. We use this on the first opening of the App so that we can confirm to our advertising networks the number of downloads resulting from clicks on their respective ad banners and other marketing tools. When an email address is provided, we associate this with your current UID/cookie ID for the purposes of providing a seamless experience across your devices.

  • Information about your current location. When you use an App’s for relevant content that is based on location, or otherwise provide location-based services, we use information about your current location – provided by your device using GPS or similar technologies – to show relevant content or other localized information. We do not collect location data unless you expressly use a location-based feature, and you can switch off location data collection at any time through your phone settings menu.

  • Error reporting information. This enables us to investigate the error and to improve the stability of the App for future releases. As part of these error reports, the App sends us information about the mobile device type and version, the UID, the time the error occurred, the feature being used and the state of the application when the error occurred. We may use this information to investigate and remediate the error and to assist you in completing an impacted booking.


You have the ability to control what information an App sends to us. You can exercise this control either by changing the settings of the App under its setting menu or changing the settings of your mobile device. Alternatively, you can remove the App from your device entirely and access our services through our website. Or else, if you do not want our Mobile App to collect such information from you, you can remove the Mobile App from your mobile device entirely and access our services through our website instead.


Information We Collect via any Means of Communication You Have with us

  • Social Media: If you make use of any of our social media features on our platform or otherwise through a social media provider, we may access information about you via that social media provider in accordance with their privacy policy. For example, we offer the option to register with our website via the “Facebook Connect” feature, enabling you to register with our website using your Facebook account data without entering the required data manually on our webpage.

    • When using a social media feature, if you have chosen to include personal information in your social media account, we may access information such as your name, profile picture, gender, birthday, email address, town or district and any other information you have chosen to make available. Subject to your privacy settings, we access information that you provide to a social media provider regarding your respective locations (“Location Data”) to provide you with relevant content. We do not store or use any data related to the friends you are connected with on a social media site.

    • We may also access information from social media providers about your use of an App that we run on their website. Therefore, we encourage you to review the privacy policy of any social media provider you use.

  • Call Monitoring and Recording: Calls to and from our customer service teams may be recorded or monitored for quality control purposes, analytics, to protect us in the event of a legal dispute and for staff training. Call recordings will be maintained consistent with this Privacy Policy. Any personal information obtained from you during the call will be treated in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

  • Other Online Communications: Any interactions you have with us through our Online Services, such as chat, will be recorded and monitored for quality control purposes, to protect us in the event of a legal dispute and for staff training. This information will be processed and maintained consistent with this Privacy Policy.


Information We Collect via Cookies and Similar Tracking Technology


Cookies are small data text files and can be stored on your computer’s hard drive or your Device (if your Web browser permits). We will use cookies for the following general purposes:

  • To help us recognize your browser as a previous visitor and save and remember any preferences that may have been set while your browser was visiting our site. For example, if you register on our site, we may use cookies to remember your registration information, so you do not need to log into our site each time you visit. We also may record your password in a cookie, if you checked the box entitled "Save this password for automatic sign-in." Please note that member IDs, passwords, and any other account-related data included in such cookies are encrypted for security purposes.

  • To help us customize the content, experience, and advertisements provided to you on our platform and on other websites across the Internet. For example, when you access a web page, a cookie is automatically set by us to recognize your browser as you navigate on the Internet and to present you with information and advertising based on your apparent interests.

  • To help measure and research the effectiveness of features and offerings, advertisements, and email communications (by determining which emails you open and act upon).

  • The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers should tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable most types of cookies. Please note that if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to access many of the travel tools offered on our sites.

We may combine the information you give us with information related to your transactions and information we receive about you from third parties who carry out services on our behalf. The information received via Cookies and similar technologies may allow us to track your activities across devices and users' clickstream data associated with the Cookies.


In general, we will use the personal information we collect from you only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or for purposes that we explain to you at the time we collect your personal information.


Information from Other Sources


We also may periodically obtain both personal and non-personal information about you from affiliated entities, business partners and other independent third-party sources and add it to other information about you. For example, if you visit our platform by “clicking through” from a site operated by one of our business partners, and you have registered with that partner, then information about you that you have provided to that partner may be shared with us, such as contact information and demographic information. As another example, if you access third party services, such as social media services, through our website or before coming to our website, we may collect information such as your user name, password, and other information made available to us through those services. We will work with our existing partners and potential future partners to improve and personalize your use of our platform in accordance with the practices outlined in this section and Policy.


If you choose to create a profile on our platform, certain information in your profile will be publicly viewable and identifiable via your screen name. You will have the ability to view your profile as members of the public will see it. Other than as set out above, you will be notified when personal information about you will be shared with third parties, and you will have an opportunity to choose not to have us share such information. We also may share aggregate or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we may tell our advertisers the number of visitors our website receives or the number of download we got for our application. This information does not contain any personal information and is used to develop content and services we hope you will find of interest.


Information from Other Partners


On occasion, affiliated entities, business partners, or other third-party providers may share information with us. One example is if you access or sign in to our Site through social media, such as Facebook Connect, we may collect information from you such as your username, and other information made available to us via such services. In general, your ability to provide such information is through the service provider themselves and you can change those settings in your account settings of the relevant service provider. In general, we may work with our partners to improve and personalize your use of our website in accordance with this policy.


How to opt out: We have made it simple for you to opt out of this feature at any time by toggling "no" through (i) the thank you page after you make a booking, and (ii) your "Manage My Booking" page on the Site. Further, if you need help to opt out you may contact our customer experience team at any time.


Usage of Your Information


Your information collected through your activities using our service on our platform will be used for supported your and our business uses only including:


Completing Transaction of Service

  • Sharing the general information related to your reservation to our Tour Guide in order to further process your reservation with them.

  • Operating daily operations may include but not limited to booking management, customer verifications, technical supports, network maintenance, troubleshooting, internal administrative affairs, internal policies and procedures, and producing internal reports

  • Managing your own account on our platform. In using our platform, you are require to provide information and it will be used to manage your account and conduct any activities of our features on your platform including managing bookings, adjusting personal settings, adding frequently used passenger information, checking past bookings, evaluating orders, and managing payments, review, keep up to date with promotion and our content, etc.

  • Filtering your choice of search result to ensure it fits in your best of interests.

  • Providing your travel confirmation prior your arrival to destination as well as along with other importance updates related to your reservation, our service, and general necessary information.

  • Fulfilling a contract among our stakeholders. These include the fulfilment of our services to you that indicate your approval and conclude your booking agreement on our platform with our tour guide listed. Additionally, the contract may include the process of dealing with insurances claims, payment that occur under relevant policies, processing commissions paid to partners, tour guide, affiliated partners, claiming for loss cause by any service activities, or recovering payments made.


Conducting Marketing Preference

  • Conducting necessary communication related to our service and your reservation including your general inquires as well as future communication purpose related to promotions, updated product and servie, special offers, coupons, that maybe of interest to you. Our means of communication will be via email, SMS, push message, telephone, advertisements, and social medias. However, this happens only upon your approval only

  • Customizing customers’ experience with platform as well as rewarding on recognition of old customers as a part of loyalty program

  • Suggesting some related products and services through our products and service, our affiliates, business partners, and third parties.

  • Conducing market research via survey for your interests, key improvements, feedbacks, and more related to your service. We may sometime invite you to share our opinions, interests, and understanding related to our platform and service for market research purpose. In some case, we may use your personal information as well as your shared information via our market research methods for analysis so that we can get to know deeper related to the market insight including customers’ location, demographic, preferences, so that we could further develop better features and products, marketing plans, as well as improving necessary improvement on our platform

  • Displaying your opinions to the public. Upon your travel with our service, we may ask you to share some of thought related to our services as well as the tour guide you had reserved for via our guest review sections which will be display on all means of communication channel of our platform including website, mobile applications, our social media accounts and social media apps, other related channel such as blog post, our affiliate partners. This play no more role other than just to inform other travelers or users about the quality of our products and service, as well as the guide, your experience and opinions; plus, this may also serve as credit for our tour guide as well


Conducting Necessary Improvement

  • Measuring and conducting any necessary improvement on our service functionality

  • Conducting any necessary analysis on the general use of platform in purpose of improving functionality and aspects of platform


Conducting Necessary Fraud Preventions

  • Verifying your identity for any sorts of fraud preventions

  • Protecting our rights as a company   especially on our intellectual property as well as preventing any potential illegal activities

  • Monitoring for prevention on fraud, terrorism, misrepresentation, security incidents, or crime in accordance with applicable law. All of your activities, information, with not limited to conversations, and message with our customer service staff, both answering our calls and calling us, may also be recorded, and we may rely on these recordings to monitor the quality of our customer service, check the accuracy of the information you provide to prevent fraud, or serve the purpose of internal staff training.


How you can access your information


We take reasonable steps to ensure that your information is relevant to its intended use, accurate, and complete. You can access and update your contact information by visiting the profile page on our platform. You can close your account by contacting us via our customer support team and we will send you an email to confirm your request. Please note that after you close an account, you will not be able to sign in or access any of your personal information. However, you can open a new account at any time. Please also note that we may retain certain information associated with your account in our archives, including for analytical purposes as well as for recordkeeping integrity.


Your choices with respect to the collection and use of your information

  • As discussed above, you can choose not to provide us with any information, although it may be needed to take advantage of certain features offered on our platform

  • You also can add or update information and close your account as described above. If you decide to close your account, we will deactivate your account and remove your profile information from active view. Please note, however, that we may retain in our files some information associated with your account and past transactions for purposes including backups, fraud prevention, dispute resolution, investigations, and compliance with legal requirements

  • As a registered account on our platform, you can modify your email subscription choices at any time on the profile page. You also will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from promotional messages in any such email we send. Please note that we reserve the right to send you other communications, including service announcements, administrative messages, and surveys relating either to your account, without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.

  • Email communications are a mean of communication that we want to make it easy for you to take advantage of travel-related opportunities on our platform. One way we do this is by sending you email messages that contain information about your apparent travel-related interests. We believe these email messages will provide you with useful information about travel-related special offers available through our sites. Please note that you will have the opportunity to choose not to receive these email messages in any such email we send.

  • The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. Please note that if you refuse to accept cookies from us, you will not be able to access portions of our site.


You can easily correct your account name, the booking holder name (subject to the cancellation policy attached to the booking) and contact number at any time by signing in to your account on the website. Alternatively, please contact us via our customer support team via the contact information you can get on our platform to exercise any of the following rights:

  • Access: You are entitled at any time to obtain information about your personal information that we store, in accordance with applicable law and without any fee. However, in exceptional cases we ask you to pay reasonable fees before we provide the information if permitted by applicable law.

  • Rectification: You may request that we rectify any of your personal information that is incomplete or incorrect.

  • Deletion: You may request that we delete your account.

  • Restrictions of Processing: You may ask us to cease processing of your personal information for example if you have objected to the processing and the existence of legitimate grounds is still under consideration.

  • Objection: You may object, at any time, to your personal information being processed for direct marketing purposes.

  • Right to Revoke Consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of our processing based on such consent before it was withdrawn.


With Whom We Share Your Information With

  • Third party services providers who provide data processing services to us (for example, to support the delivery of; provide functionality on; or help to enhance the security of our Online Services), or who otherwise process personal information for purposes such as credit card processing, business analytics, customer service, marketing, distribution of surveys or sweepstakes programs, and fraud prevention. Where third-party service providers have access to data, they will only collect information as needed to perform their functions. They are not permitted to share or use the information for any other purpose. Besides, there are who those who provide services or functions on our behalf, including business analytics, payment processing, customer service, marketing, public relations, distribution of surveys or sweepstakes programs, and fraud prevention. We may also authorize third-party vendors to collect information on our behalf, including, for example, as necessary to operate features of our Website or to facilitate the delivery of online advertising tailored to your interests. Third-party vendors have access to and may collect information only as needed to perform their functions and are not permitted to share or use the information for any other purpose.

  • Referring Websites in which if you were referred to our platform from another website, we may share your registration information, such as your name, email address, mailing address, telephone number and travel preferences, about you with that referring website. We have not placed limitations on the referring websites’ use of personal information and we encourage you to review the privacy policies of any website that referred you to us.

  • Business partners with whom we may jointly offer products or services, or whose products or services may be offered on our Online Services. You can tell when a third-party business partner is involved in a product or service you have requested because their name will appear, either alone or with ours. If you choose to access these optional services, we will on occasions share information about you, including your personal information, with those partners.

  • Travel suppliers especially our tour guide on our platform for your travel and reservation through our platform, and other parties such as hotel, airline, car rental, insurance, and, where available, activity providers, rail and cruise lines, who you may request directly or indirectly to your reserved tour guide to make reservations on behalf of your in the section of “Additional Request” on our platform.

  • Services provided by a third-party supplier are generally described as such. Please note that these suppliers also may contact you as necessary to obtain additional information about you, facilitate your travel reservation, or respond to a review you may submit in accordance with their own independent Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for third parties deducing your identity from the content of your review and contacting you directly.

  • Social media providers when you access certain social media features through our Online Services, you will share information with the social media provider (such as Facebook). The information you share will be governed by the social media provider's privacy policy (including any data we may access via the social media provider). Social media providers should inform you about how you can modify your privacy settings on their site. Social media providers may provide settings that allow you to request that the social media provider disable such sharing of information and other privacy choices.

  • Our Affiliated Group Companies: our affiliated (group) companies' employees who have access to this information with our permission and who need to know or have access to this information to perform the service requested by you (including customer services) and internal (audit/compliance) investigations.

  • Business Reorganization: such as part of any sale, assignment or other transfer of our business, or transition of service to another provider. We will ask for your consent if required by applicable law.

  • Companies within our corporate family in which we may share your personal information within Matong Co., Ltd., as well as with our parent companies and domestic and international corporate affiliate companies and websites. This sharing enables us to provide you with information about products and services, both travel-related and other, which might interest you. To the extent that our parent company and corporate affiliates have access to your information, they will follow practices that are at least as restrictive as the practices described in this Privacy Policy. They also will comply with applicable laws governing the transmission of promotional communications and, at a minimum, give you an opportunity in any commercial email they send to choose not to receive such email messages in the future.

  • Any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court or other third party where we believe disclosure is necessary (i) as a matter of applicable law or regulation, (ii) to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights, or (iii) to protect your interests or those of any other person. When we believe it is appropriate to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal or suspected illegal activities; to protect and defend the rights, property, or safety of our company or this website, our customers, or others; and in connection with our Terms of Service and other agreements.

  • In connection with a corporate transaction, such as a divestiture, merger, consolidation, or asset sale, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. In the case of any acquisition, we will inform the buyer it must use your personal information only for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy; or any others with your consent to the disclosure.

  • On occasion, we may share aggregate or anonymous information with third parties, including advertisers and investors. For example, we may tell our advertisers the number of visitors our website receives or the most popular hotels and vacation destinations.


We provide appropriate protections for such sharing as required by applicable law to prohibit third parties from using your information for their own purposes, and to address the security and confidentiality of your information. Except as disclosed in this Privacy Policy or as required or permitted by applicable law, we will not disclose your information to third parties without your consent.


Your Personal Information Protection


In making sure that you feel confident in using our platform, we as operator of the platform commits to taking responsibility and appropriate steps in protecting your personal information and under no circumstance will we reveal your personal information to any other parties.  


We want you to feel confident about using our platform. While no website can guarantee security, we have implemented appropriate administrative, technical, and physical security procedures to help protect the personal information you provide to us. We rely on currently available technologies and take appropriate security measures to protect your information. For example, only authorized employees are permitted to access personal information, and they only may do so for permitted business functions. In addition, we use encryption when transmitting your personal information between your system and ours, and between our system and those of the parties with whom we share sensitive information, and we employ firewalls and intrusion detection systems to help prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your information.


Your account has in-built security features. You are advised to properly safeguard your account and password and do not disclose your password to any person. If you discover your personal information has been leaked, especially your account and password, please contact our customer service staff immediately so that we can take the appropriate measures.

In the unlikely event of a data breach affecting your personal information, we will inform you in accordance with laws and regulations by email or other means.




You agree to protect and defend the interests of all personnel of ours and will pay legal fees incurred by your use of services beyond the scope of services, the liquidated damages caused by violation of the terms of services, as well as the compensation claimed for others’ use of your computers, account and other intellectual property rights.


Location of Data Storage


Currently, our platform is operated in with head quarter in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia as for general operation of the platform. As a result, you are please to aware that your information may be transferred to, stored, and processed in our service which is located at……. which we rent the hosting service. However, please rest assured that we take appropriate steps to protect your privacy and security.


Data Controller


The data controller of any and all information provided to or gathered by us and our platform is under the control and operations of Matong Co., Ltd.


Duration of Processing of Personal Data


Where we processes your personal information as allowed by law or with your consent, we will store your personal information i) only for as long as is required to fulfil the purposes mentioned previously, ii) until you object to our use of your personal information (where we has a legitimate interest in using your personal data), or iii) until you withdraw your consent, whichever is applicable. However, if we are required to retain your personal information by law or in order to address legal claims, we will retain your personal information until the end of the legally required period or until the claims in question have been settled.


User Management


You are solely responsible for the content you post. You shall use services in accordance with all local laws, national laws, and international legal standards applicable. You must comply with the following rules:  

  1. Comply with any applicable laws and regulations when publishing information

  2. Do not use our services for any illegal purposes

  3. Do not interfere with or disturb Internet services 

  4. Comply with all network protocols, rules and procedures in relation to the use of online membership services.


Having an account on our platform includes sending and receiving information through the Internet, so your behaviors are guided by national laws, regulations, policies and procedures related to the Internet. You must promise not to spread any illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene information and resources. Also, you shall not disseminate any information that incites others to conduct criminal behaviors, shall not spread information that encourages domestic adverse situations and involves national security, or information that does not comply with local laws and regulations, national and international laws. Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited. Where your behavior does not comply with the aforesaid service terms and conditions, we will immediately cancel your account at its sole discretion. You need to take legal responsibility for your behavior while using your account on our platform. In case you spread and distribute reactionary, pornographic or other information in violation of national laws when using online membership services, the systematic records of such services may be used as evidence of your violation of law.


If you have not finalized a reservation online, we may send you a reminder to continue with your reservation. We believe that this additional service is useful to you because it allows you to carry on with a reservation without having to search for the service again or fill in all the reservation details from scratch.


Please note that the confirmation emails and text messages sent after your booking, as well as the guest review emails sent after your departure, are not marketing messages. These messages are part of your reservation process. Respectively, they contain information for you to check in with our guide, and tools to optionally rate that service after your trip. You will continue to receive them, even if you have opted out of our marketing messages.


Communications on the Site


We offer you and tour guide various means to communicate about the trip and existing reservations, directing the communications through the Site. You can contact us with questions about your reservation or about your reservation via the Site, and via other channels that we may make available.


We may access communications and may use automated systems to review, scan, and analyze communications for security purposes; fraud prevention; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; investigations of potential misconduct; product development and improvement; research; customer engagement, including to provide you with information and offers that we believe may be of interest to you; and customer or technical support. We reserve the right to block the delivery of or review communications that we, in our sole discretion, believe may contain malicious content, spam, or may pose a risk to you or, our partners, us, or others. Note, all communications sent or received using the Site’s communication tools will be received and stored by us. Business partners through whose platform you made the reservation and accommodation partners may choose to communicate with you directly via email or other channels that we do not control.


Reviews, Comments, and Use of other Interactive Areas, License Grant


We appreciate hearing from you. Please be aware that by providing your content to or through the Services, be it via email, posting via any means of communication on our platform, via the services and applications of others, or otherwise, including any of your content that is transmitted to your account in term of reviews, questions, photographs or videos, comments, suggestions, ideas or the like contained in any of your content, you grant us a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, irrevocable and fully sublicensable right to (a) host, use, reproduce, modify, run, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works from and publicly display and perform such content of yours throughout the world in any media, now known or hereafter devised; (b) make your Content available to the rest of the world and to let others do the same; (c) to provide, promote, and improve the services and to make your content shared on the services available to other companies, organizations or individuals for the syndication, broadcast, distribution, promotion or publication of such Content of yours on other media and services, subject to our Privacy Policy and this Agreement; and (d) use the name and/or trademark that you submit in connection with such content of yours. You acknowledge that we may choose to provide attribution of your content at our discretion. You further grant us the right to pursue at law any person or entity that violates your or our rights in your content by a breach of this Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that your Content is non-confidential and non-proprietary. You affirm, represent, and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights (including copyright and other proprietary rights), consents, and permissions to publish and otherwise use (and for we to publish and otherwise use) your content as authorized under this Agreement.


You expressly waive any and all ‘moral rights’ (including rights of attribution or integrity) that may subsist in your Submissions and agree that you have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion or exploitation of your Submissions by us, or any of our partners or licensees. We take no responsibility and assume no liability for any Submissions posted or submitted by you. We have no obligation to post your comments; we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to determine which comments are published on the Website. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not provide us with any Submissions. 


If it is determined that you retain moral rights (including rights of attribution or integrity) in your content, you hereby declare that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, (a) you do not require that any personally identifying information be used in connection with the content, or any derivative works of or upgrades or updates thereto; (b) you have no objection to the publication, use, modification, deletion and exploitation of your content by us or their licensees, successors and assigns; (c) you forever waive and agree not to claim or assert any entitlement to any and all moral rights of an author in any of your Content; and (d) you forever release we and our licensees, successors and assigns, from any claims that you could otherwise assert against the us by virtue of any such moral rights.


Note that any feedback and other suggestions you provide may be used at any time and we are under no obligation to keep them confidential. Our platform contains review services, travel feeds or other forums in which you may post your content, such as reviews of travel experiences, messages, materials or other items. If we provide on our platform, you are solely responsible for your use of the platform and use them at your own risk. We do not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to any of your content you provide to our platform. 


To some extent that we allow user to share their own content such as review, comment, post, video, picture, or even the description of their profile, you agree that such entity(ies) may monitor the substance of such communications in order to help safeguard our community and the Services. You understand that we do not edit or control the user content posted to or distributed through the Services, and will not be in any way responsible or liable for such messaging. We nevertheless reserve the right to remove without notice any such messaging or other Content from the Services, where they believe in good faith that such Content breaches this Agreement or otherwise believe the removal is reasonably necessary to safeguard the rights of us and/or other users of the Services. Should you disagree with the removal of your Content from the websites, you may contact us using the help section to make your objections. You expressly agree not to post, upload to, transmit, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish through the Services any Content of yours that:

  1. Is false, unlawful, misleading, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing (or advocates harassment of another person), threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable

  2. Is patently offensive to the online community, such as that which promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual

  3. Would constitute, encourage, promote or provide instructions for conduct of an illegal activity, a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate the rights of any party in any country of the world, or that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national or international law

  4. Provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone’s privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses

  5. May infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party. In particular, content that promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another’s copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacturer-installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files

  6. Constitutes mass mailings or “spamming”, “junk mail”, “chain letters” or “pyramid schemes”

  7. Impersonates any person or entity or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity, including our company

  8. Is private information of any third party, including, without limitation, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers.  Note that an individual’s surname (family name) may be posted to our websites, but only where express permission of the identified individual has been secured beforehand

  9. Contains restricted or password only access pages, or hidden pages or images (those not linked to or from another accessible page)

  10. Include or are intended to facilitate viruses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files

  11. Is unrelated to the topic of the Interactive Area(s) in which such Content is posted


We take no responsibility and assume no liability for any Content posted, stored, transmitted or uploaded to the Services by you (in the case of your Content) or any third party (in the case of any and all Content more generally), or for any loss or damage thereto, nor are we liable for any mistakes, defamation, slander, libel, omissions, falsehoods, obscenity, pornography or profanity you may encounter. As a provider of interactive services, we are not liable for any statements, representations or any other Content provided by its users (including you as to your Content) in the websites or any other forum. Although we have no obligation to screen, edit or monitor any of the Content posted to or distributed through any Interactive Area, we reserves the right, and has absolute discretion, to remove, screen, translate or edit without notice any Content posted or stored on the Services at any time and for any reason, or to have such actions performed by third parties on their behalf, and you are solely responsible for creating backup copies of and replacing any Content you post or otherwise submit to us or store on the Services at your sole cost and expense.


You are fully responsible for the content of your Submissions, (specifically including, but not limited to, reviews posted to this Website). You are prohibited from posting or transmitting to or from this Website: (i) any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or other material or content that would violate rights of publicity and/or privacy or that would violate any law; (ii) any commercial material or content (including, but not limited to, solicitation of funds, advertising, or marketing of any good or services); and (iii) any material or content that infringes, misappropriates or violates any copyright, trademark, patent right or other proprietary right of any third party. You shall be solely liable for any damages resulting from any violation of the foregoing restrictions, or any other harm resulting from your posting of content to this Website. You acknowledge that Expedia may exercise its rights (e.g. use, publish, delete) to any content you submit without notice to you. If you submit more than one review for the same hotel, only your most recent submission is eligible for use. 


Any use of the Interactive Areas or other aspects of the Services in violation of the foregoing violates the terms of this Agreement and may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights to use the Interactive Areas and/or the Services more generally.


From time to time we may offer customers incentives to leave reviews (e.g. discount coupon/entry into prize draws etc.). As it is important to us that reviews are impartial and honest, these incentives will be available to customers regardless of whether the review is positive or negative. 

The Google® Translate tool is made available on this Website to enable you to translate content such as user-generated reviews. The Google® Translate tool uses an automated process to translate text and this may result in inaccuracies. Your use of the Google® Translate tool is entirely at your own risk. We do not warrant or make any promises, assurances or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the translations provided by Google® Translate. 


Storage and Restrictions of Guide Direk™ Account Registered Information


We will not take responsibility for the failed deletion or storage of information posted by you. The company does not set upper limit for the amount of information transmitted but reserves the right to determine whether your behavior complies with the requirements and spirit of our terms and conditions of having account registered on our platform services. If you violate the service terms and conditions, your membership account will be suspended. The copyright of all articles on this website are owned jointly by the original author and us. Anyone who would like to repost articles published on the website must obtain authorization from the original author and us.


Mobile Devices


With your consent, we may send you push notifications with information about your reservation, potential future trips, or as part of any our programs that you participate in, including coupons. You may grant us access to your location information or contact details in order to provide services requested by you. When you upload a picture from your mobile device, your picture may also be tagged with your location information. Please read the instructions of your mobile device to understand how to change the settings and enable the sharing of such information or the receipt of (or opt out of receiving) push notifications (including Software Development Kit ("SDK") and push token data). Different device operating systems may have different default settings, so please familiarize yourself with such settings governing push notifications.


Opting Out of Marketing Communications from Us


You can opt out of receiving marketing communications from us at any time by using the "Unsubscribe" link in each newsletter or communication, or through your account of our platform (if you've created one) - the email subscriptions settings is under "Profile".


Links to Third Party Platform


The terms Third Party Websites will be used in this section to indicate other websites or platform that we may well not owned or operated by us, yet have connection or related link on our platform in term of affiliate, advertisements, or other form of purpose related to travel activities only. When you use a link online to visit a Third-Party platform, you will be subject to that website’s privacy and security practices, which may differ from ours. You should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy, terms of use and security practices of the linked Third-Party platform before providing any information on that platform.


Our platform especially website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than we. Such hyperlinks are provided for your reference only. We do not control such websites and are not responsible for their contents or the privacy or other practices of such websites. Further, it is up to you to take precautions to ensure that whatever links you select or software you download (whether from our platform or other websites) is free of such items as viruses, worms, trojan horses, defects and other items of a destructive nature. Our inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites does not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators. 


Those external platforms do not operate under this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you examine the privacy statements posted on those other websites to understand their procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing personal information.


Choice of Disclosing Your Information


You as users have the right to access, update, or disactivate your account information at any time by going through section setting section of the platform or contacting us through the contact information given on the bottom of the page. However, upon your decision on de-activating your account, you will not be able to access to your personal information or account on the platform anymore, yet you can open a new account at any time.


Erasure, Access, and Others


If you wish to delete your account information, you may go through our setting on the platform and then go to “Delete Your Account” sections or call our customer support as displayed on our official website, and follow the instruction to be put through to a customer service specialist who will help you delete your account information after completing a verification process. After the deletion, we will no longer collect, use, or share any personal information related to this account. You can request that we delete your personal information if you no longer want us to use your information to provide Services to you.


In addition, you can request access to your personal information, request that any inaccuracies be corrected, and request that comments or explanations be added to records about you. You may also request that we transmit to another service provider (where technically feasible) copies of your personal information that is structured and in machine-readable format. Finally, you can ask us not to collect or use your personal information for certain purposes, or you can ask us to either refrain from sharing your information with, or specifically ask that we do not provide your personal information to, a third party.


The rights listed above may not apply in all cases. For example, if you ask us to delete information which we are required by law to keep or have compelling legitimate interests in keeping, we may not be able to delete all of your personal information, in which case we will inform you of the relevant exceptions. We will respond to your above requests without undue delay. We reserve the right to take reasonable steps to verify customer identity before taking further action on your request.


To address any privacy or security questions or concerns, or to make any of these requests, contact us with details about your request at or


End of Services


You or we may discontinue the platform at any time based on the actual situation. We may terminate the services without liabilities to any individual or third party. In case you disagree with any service terms and conditions or hold objections to any subsequent modifications of such terms and conditions, or are dissatisfied with our services, you only have the following rights of recourse:  

  1. No longer using your account on our platform

  2. Ending your eligibility for using your account on our platform

  3. Notifying us to stop your user service. After the end of user service, your right to use your account on our platform will be immediately terminated. From then on, we will no longer bear any obligation to you




All notices to users can be sent via email, text message or phone call that users have provided during their registration. We will send notice to users via email services to notify them of any modifications to the terms and conditions of services, change of services or other important matters.


Lodging a Complaint


We are committed to investigating and resolving complaints about our collection or use of your personal information. To make a complaint, contact us at or

In increasing efficiency in address your concern, we would like to have you clearly provide us the following information to help us address the issue effectively:

  • The specific data privacy complaint (please provide as much detail as possible)

  • Your full name and how we can contact you

  • Any previous correspondence on this specific data privacy issue


We aim to resolve all issues in a timely manner, or as mandated by applicable law, but if this is not possible because a more detailed investigation is required, we will keep in regular contact with you to ensure that you are kept informed of the resolution of your matter.

Ownership of Email Content


User-defined content includes texts, software, sounds, photos, videos and graphics; all information in the advertisements; all content in emails; business information provided by users through your account on our platform. All these contents are protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, a user can only use such information under the authorization of our company and the advertising agency, and shall not without authorization reduplicate or reproduce such information, or create derivative products based on such information.


Applicable Laws


This Service Agreement shall be consistent with the laws including its rules of conflicts where the website located. Both the user and we agree to the jurisdiction of the court. If any term of service conflicts with laws, such term shall be reinterpreted in a manner as closely as possible to the respective laws, while the rest terms shall remain the legal effect and impact on users. Any dispute arising from the interpretation of this Service Agreement and the user’s ordering of any product on us shall be prosecuted for the applicable our entity at applicable court that has jurisdiction


Copyright Statement


Any account’s acceptance of the terms of this Agreement shall mean that he/she will exclusively transfer without compensation the copyrights of any form of information published on this platform to our operator, including but not limited to rights of reproduction, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, rights of showing, broadcasting rights, the right of information distribution through network, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights and other transferable rights that should be owned by the copyrighter, and that such member allows us the right to initiate separate proceedings against any infringement and to receive full compensation.


This Agreement constitutes a written agreement protected by applicable copyright laws the legal effect of which shall also applies to any work or content protected by the Copyright Law published by the user on our platform, regardless of whether such content is formed before or after the signing of this Agreement. Each member agrees and is fully aware of the above terms, and will not in any form publish or authorize other websites and media (other than websites of our affiliates) to use any information published on our platform. At the same time, we reserve the right to remove all kinds of non-compliant information on our platform without informing the holder of the account.


We are entitled with the copyrights of all content and resources of our platform, which are protected by applicable copyright laws and regulations on intellectual property rights, and the interpretation and modification rights in statements made on our platform; without the express written consent of our platform, any entity or person shall not wholly or partially copy, repost or cite such content and resources in any form or in any wording, otherwise, the company will take legal actions to impose any respective legal liabilities.


We have formulated relevant measures and procedures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the intellectual property right owners. When any copyright owner and/or the right holder which in accordance with any applicable laws may exercise the right of information distribution through network (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Right Holder") find any potential infringement on its right of information distribution through network, the Right Holder shall send a written notice of right to us first and provide a valid proof of the ownership of its right. We will then take measures to delete the relevant content according to any applicable laws and regulations. We shall have the copyright of comments and articles submitted by you by logging into our platform or any other information edited and published on our platform, and shall have the right to use any information (including but not limited to pictures and travel notes) published by you on our platform and the websites of our affiliates. If other browsers would like to repost any information published by the user on our platform, prior approval from us and the user shall be obtained; otherwise, it shall be deemed as an infringement. Without the permission from us, any other third party shall not reproduce, repost or use in any form the aforesaid comments or articles. Our platform is not responsible for any claim and damage etc. caused by the violation of this legal statement by the user or any other third party.


We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of external links provided for your convenience. For any copyright issues or other problems that may arise therefrom, please call or email to us via information on our platform immediately. Immediate deletion or modification will be made after verification.


Noted of Infringing Material


If you believe in good faith that materials hosted by us infringe your copyright, you (or your agent) may send us a written notice that includes the following information. Please note that we will not process your complaint if it is not properly filled out or is incomplete. Any misrepresentations in your notice regarding whether content or activity is infringing may expose you to liability for damages. 

  1. A clear identification of the copyrighted work you claim was infringed

  2. A clear identification of the material you claim is infringing on the platform, such as a link to the infringing material

  3. Your address, email address and telephone number

  4. A statement that you have a "good faith belief that the material that is claimed as copyright infringement is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law."

  5. A statement that "the information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed."

  6. A signature by the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed


You may send us your notice by email to by using the contact information on the platform. 


Counter Notices


If material you have posted has been taken down, you may file a counter-notification by fax or regular mail that sets forth the items specified below. You may want to seek legal counsel prior to doing so. Please include the following details:

  1. Identification of the specific content that was removed or disabled and the location that content appeared on our platform. Please provide the URL address if possible.

  2. Your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.

  3. A statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of Federal District Court for the judicial district in which we may be found, and that you will accept service of process from the party who reported your content, or that party’s agent.

  4. The following statement: "I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the content identified above was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification.”


Sign the paper. 

Send the written communication to the following address: 

Matong Co., Ltd.




OR contact us via contact information on this platform.


Updates and Change to this Privacy Policy


Changes to this Privacy Policy will be made when required in response to changing legal, technical or business developments. When we update our Privacy Policy, we will take appropriate measures to inform you, consistent with the significance of the changes we make, and in accordance with applicable law. You can see when this Privacy Policy was last updated by checking the “last updated” date displayed at the top of this Privacy Policy.


Please understand that we may revise this Privacy Statement at times as we consider appropriate. We will note the date of the latest update of this Privacy Statement and the update will take effect when it is published. Without your explicit consent, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Statement. We will prominently post major changes made (for example, for changes concerning certain services, we will inform you via email of the specific changes in the Privacy Statement). Therefore, you should review this Privacy Statement periodically to keep up with our most current policies.


If you have any questions about changes to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the information below.

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