What does Guide Direk Offer?

Guide Direk is a booking platform for tourists of any kind to book and travel a local tour guide that is certified from Ministry of Tourism in Cambodia. With Guide Direk, tourists can find wide variety of tour guide that can helps you experienced the most in your trip, end your language barriers during your travel, and help you understand comprehensively about Culture, History, and Nature of Cambodia. Tourists can make most of your travel by traveling with someone who know best.


How does Guide Direk work?

First of all, a tour guide registered with Guide Direk providing all necessary information. Then Guide Direk team verify the information and activate tour guide account on Guide Direk website. Tourists can search for a tour guide based your desire province, languages, and date. Then you can make the reservation for their desire tour guide and pay directly on the platform. Once these things are set, the information will be immediately sent to tour guide for review and confirm your trip. When tour guide accepts your request, you will be a notification immediately on your email. If the tour guide rejects the trip, another tour guide will be suggested to you.




How do I book a tour guide?

Simply provide the information in the search panel include date, province, and language you prefer, then a list of tour guide that match your information will appear on dashboard. When you found your desire tour guide, simply provide your travel information such as name, flight number, contact information, pick up location, and payment information. Then you already for your trip.


Why book a tour guide with Guide Direk?

First of all, all tour guide on Guide Direk are all professional licensed tour guide in Cambodia. To ensure that your experience in Cambodia is the best, we select on tour guides that have been trained and certified from Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia. Second, Guide Direk helps your trip more relax and enjoyable. By traveling with local and professional tour guide, our tour guide will help you relief pressure of language barrier, bargaining local products, and take you to experience things that you can’t find elsewhere in other travel website or booklet.


How do I sign up for an account as a traveler?

Simply input your email, contact information, and name, you will get a notification in your email to verify your account. You can find “Sign Up” bottoms at the top of the web page.


Why do I need an account?

We need your account because we want to make sure we can communicate and assist you before, during, and after your travel. Plus, we also want to make sure that we can help you in case of any emergency situation during your travel.


How do I book a guide?

Simply provide the information in the search panel include date, province, and language you prefer, then a list of tour guide that match your information will appear on dashboard. Then you can select and make reservation with tour guide by providing your travel information.


Is all of the money I pay will be all for tour guide?

In your check-out dash board you will see “Fee” in which is the fee that tour guide charge for providing service, and “Service Fee and Tax” in which will be used for bank processing fee, paying tax, and maintaining the technology. Guide Direk takes no commission from tour guide and all of the price they input are 100 percent in “Fee” section.


Can’t I contact with a guide?

Once your reservation is done and tour guide confirm, the contact information of our tour guide will be sent to your email. Plus, you can also contact Guide Direk team directly to help you assist in your travel as well in case of you can’t contact your tour guide.


How do I know if a guide accepts my book request?

You will be a email notify tour guide acceptant within 24 hours of your reservation. If there is no any action from tour guide, our team will contact tour guide directly or suggest you another tour guide if the tour guide your requested is not available.


Can I reschedule my booking?

Of course you can. Simply email us on info@guidedirek.com and we will coordinate with our tour guide to see whether they would accept it or not.


Can I cancel my book?

You may cancel or change your prepaid reservation, but you will be charged the cancellation or change fee based on the cancellation policy period applicable prior to your date of arrival. If you cancel before a week of your travel, we will refund you 100% of fee except for only 10% for bank transaction fees. If you cancel within a week prior to your trip, we will refund only 50% of the total fee exclude 10% of bank transaction fee. If you cancel with 24 hours of your trip, refund would not be available.


How many travelers can I add?

You will be asked to fill in number of guests you have with during your booking process. Therefore, whether it is acceptable or not is based on tour guide.


What if a guide doesn’t accept me?

We will resend you another tour guide that best fit in your interests and preference. If that doesn’t work out, our team will try to reach out and help you in rebooking another tour guide.


What if a guide cancels me?

Providing the best service is our first priority. Therefore, if a tour guide cancels your trip, we simply reach out and help you in rebooking another tour guide or you can simply request us for a refund. In some cases, based on circumstance, we will compensate you with discount or coupons.


Is it safe to travel with someone I don’t know via this platform?

Guide Direk take users’ safety as the first priority. Every tour guide listed on Guide Direk is all scanned and verified on their personal information, National ID, and Tour Guide license to ensure that none of the information is faked. Therefore, you are safe to travel with our professional tour guide.


Is my money safe?

Yes, it is. We partnered up with Cathy United Bank, one among the best bank with high end and secure system.


How do I know if payment is complete?

You will receive an email after the payment is complete.


What happen if a guide doesn’t show up?

Please let us know immediately via our contact, and we will take actions immediately to help you solve the issue.