About Us

GuideDirek™, a trademarked brand of Matong Co., Ltd. is registered and based by Ministry of Commerce in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with ID00041062 which is currently operated only in Cambodia.


GuideDirek™ was inspired by the difficulties and gaps in market which was co-found by two people who shared the same vision in fulfilling the missing gap in Tourism Sector in Cambodia. Founders felt need that there should be a better way in market that could offer Tour Guide to find way in earning more income without being overdependent on agents and hotel. This is when Guide Direk was born.


GuideDirek™ currently operates booking platform for Certified Tour Guide from Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia in major attractions side across Cambodia which provide them opportunity to be seen by many tourists who want to book local guide for their trip. In return, Guide Direk™ also offers tourists the opportunity to meet the right Certified Tour Guide who match their interests, and desirable plan of visiting Cambodia.


GuideDirek™’s mission is to seeks out help and provide assistance for both tourists and professional Tour Guide who are facing difficulty in finding their own way to market themselves due to the lack of network and platform. The idea of cutting the middle man who have been the barriers between the two parties is the main mission of Guide Direck™ via utilizing digital platform.